What This Is Not

me me NO! I'm me! me I'm the only me!

This is not A Post-Christmas Toy Assembly Crisis Hotline
This is not Tex & Edna Boil's Prairie Warehouse and Curio Emporium
This is not A Study of Modern Residential Light Switches
This is not Tex & Edna Boil's Organ Emporium
This is not Monkeys in the Coconut Business
This is not A Study on Balance Organs of Oyster Toadfish
This is not The Cult of the Mighty Radio Shack Reverb
This is not A Gallery Of Cheap Furniture Assembly Instructions
This is not A Collection of Interesting Stories About Gravel
This is not A Static Safeguarded Web Page
This is not where you can get any thing you want at Alice's Restaurant
This is not A Didgeridoo Mouthpiece Wax vs. No-Wax Debate Host Site
This is not An Exclamation Mark (!) Overusage Monitor Station!!!!!
This is not An Illustrated History of Salad Dressings
This is not The World's Second Largest List of Words That Don't Use the Letter R
This is not A Lawnmower Interpretive Center
This is not The Official Homepage of the International Belt Sander Drag Racing Association
This is not A Museum of Radioactive Ore Samples
This is not A Farm Machinery Demolition Derby Newsletter
This is not The Visitor Center of the Tupperware Ballroom and Convention Center
This is not A Photo Essay of Railroad Switchgear
This is not A Transcript of Monty Python's Cheese Shop Sketch
This is not A Compendium of Jokes About Electronics That Are Actually Funny
This is not yet Endorsed by Prof. Irwin Corey, The World's Foremost Authority
You know, the time you wasted here is gone. You will never get it back.

1998-2005 Toby Paddock

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