Color Stripe Optical Illusion

Toby Paddock - May 10, 2000

This is an optical illusion I saw years ago in a magazine. It's kind of like the ones where you stare at a negative image for a while, then when you look at blank white page, you see the reversed after-image for a short time. But while those are from effects in the eyes, this is in THE BRAIN and lasts much longer. (if reading aloud, please say THE BRAIN in a sinister voice)

First you need to stare at some black & red stripes and some black & green stripes. One set will be horizontal and the other vertical. You will need to stare at them for a long time. Really a long time. Like 10 minutes, which is really really a long time when you're just staring at some stripes. I mean, they don't even move or anything. Look at one set for a while, then the other, then the first, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Then you will look at some black and white stripes. What could be more exciting?

Yes, I am ready to have my brain altered by looking at the amazing stupid colored stripes as an animated gif when I click HERE.

-- or --

I hate animated gifs. Just show me the 2 things and I will move my eyeballs back and forth like nature intended when I click HERE.

-- or --

Already did that. Just take me to the black & white stripes when I click HERE.