Color Stripe Optical Illusion, Part 3 of 3

Toby Paddock - May 10, 2000

You didn't really do it for 10 minutes, did you? Oh yea, sure you did. OK OK, go ahead.

Now look at some black & white stripes. If you're brain is like mine, the vertical white stripes will look a bit redish and the horizontal ones a bit greenish. It might help to look at things in the non-striped world for a minute.

While eyeball after-image effects last for a short time, this has affected your brain's pattern/color/thing-ma-bob system and can last much longer. Take a look at the black & white pattern again in a few minutes, in an hour, a few hours, tomorrow, maybe the next day.

I only saw this once a long time ago - I bet it was in Scientific American - and I thought it was interesting and a little weird. If I did a search, I would probably find this in about 50,000 places on the web. So I'm not going to do that and I'll just pretend it's uncommon and obscure.

Thank you for the use of your brain.

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