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The Pronteon Studies Group recommends...

The Phonographers Union - Live on Sonarchy Radio

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Steve Barsotti | Christopher DeLaurenti | Marcos Fernandes
Mark Griswold | Alex Keller | Dale Lloyd
Perri Lynch | Robert Millis | Toby Paddock

reviewed in AMG - All Music Guide
reviewed in The Wire June 2004

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Theremin CV controller using a Qprox(tm) QT301 Capacitance Sensor

Music Gear, like old synths and such
WhirlyWhirler LFO - Spinning plate toy and magnetic sensor as a mechanical Low Frequency Oscillator
Magnetic Sensor as a Control Voltage Source
Cal Resistor Using Stacked Trimmers

What This Is Not | Art | This page intentionally left blank

Projects, Discography, and like that

Flickr photostream - PNW synth meeting 2005, fretless conversion, and various whatnot

A color stripe optical illusion

PDSTWEII - People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II (2005)
PDSTWE - People Doing Strange Things With Electricity (2003)
meeting #5 - Tripping the Light Fantastic - Dec 3 2003

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